Aqueous Film-Forming Foam Lawsuit Eligibility, Requirements, and Qualifications

AFFF Lawsuit Eligibility & Requirements (2024)

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Identifying who is at risk of AFFF exposure is crucial to understanding the breadth and depth of the problem. The unfortunate reality is that AFFF exposure extends far beyond the boundaries of a burning building or a fiery crash site.

  1. Firefighters

    First and foremost among those at risk are firefighters—both military and civilian—who use AFFF to combat fuel-based fires. These brave individuals, often unknowingly, face exposure to toxic PFAS chemicals every time they use AFFF. This risk is not limited to the moment of active firefighting; it extends to training exercises and even routine handling and maintenance of firefighting equipment.

  2. Heavy industry workers

    Beyond firefighters, others working in industries where AFFF is frequently used are also at risk. These include workers in the aviation, oil and gas, and chemical industries. In these sectors, AFFF is often used in firefighting drills and to combat real-world incidents, leading to potential PFAS exposure.

However, the risk of AFFF exposure doesn't end with direct usage. Due to the persistent nature of PFAS chemicals, people living near facilities where AFFF is used or manufactured can also face exposure. This can occur through contaminated air, soil, and particularly, water sources.

PFAS can leach into groundwater and surface water, contaminating drinking water supplies. As a result, communities located near military bases, airports, firefighting training facilities, and chemical plants can experience increased levels of PFAS in their water, leading to chronic exposure.

The scope of potential AFFF exposure is vast, and so too is the number of people who could be entitled to compensation through an AFFF lawsuit. If you or a loved one has been exposed to AFFF—either directly or indirectly—and have developed health complications as a result, you could be eligible for significant compensation.

At Consumer Shield, we have the expertise to help you understand your risk and explore your legal options. Our team is ready to guide you through the process of filing an AFFF lawsuit, ensuring you have the best possible chance of securing the compensation you deserve. Reach out to Consumer Shield today—don't let the opportunity for justice pass you by

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