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What Is the Hair Relaxer Lawsuit? (2024)

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Like many hair products, chemical hair relaxers—which are primarily used by Black women—contain many harmful chemicals, including endocrine disruptors. In recent years, numerous studies have emerged suggesting that using chemical hair relaxers may increase risk for developing certain estrogen-dependent cancers, including breast and ovarian cancer.

Although these studies revealed many troubling implications, the overall findings were inconsistent. Thanks to a 2023 study on hair relaxers and uterine cancer, a link between hair straighteners and uterine cancer has now been firmly established.

To conduct the study, researchers used data from the Black Women’s Health Study to look at health outcomes for almost 45,000 self-identified Black women with intact uteruses from the years 1997 to 2019. They found that long-term use of chemical hair relaxers increased risk for uterine cancer in postmenopausal women, giving plaintiffs the scientifically backed data they needed to pursue uterine cancer lawsuits for hair relaxer.

Understanding the Lawsuit for Hair Relaxer

In light of recent findings, you may be able to file a hair relaxer cancer lawsuit if you used hair straightening products and subsequently developed uterine, breast or endometrial cancer. In terms of eligibility for a hair relaxer lawsuit, fibroids may also qualify you.

Hair Relaxer MDL

If you are interested in pursuing legal action, you may be wondering: What is the hair relaxer lawsuit? Many hair relaxer lawsuits are being filed into multidistrict litigation (MDL) in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Illinois. The hair relaxer MDL is a consolidated lawsuit that includes thousands of victims who developed uterine cancer, breast cancer, fibroids, and other related conditions after using chemical hair relaxers.

Class Action Lawsuits for Hair Relaxer

It’s important to note that an MDL is slightly different from a traditional class action lawsuit. Hair relaxer settlements in MDLs are distributed on a case-by-case basis, according to each individual plaintiff’s claim, and each case in an MDL remains separate. Essentially, plaintiffs in MDLs are able to remain distinct plaintiffs rather than taking on the status of a group.

Is the Hair Relaxer Lawsuit Legit?

With more than 8,000 pending cases, the MDL hair relaxer lawsuit is already on track to represent thousands of individual plaintiffs in their pursuit for justice—and is only expected to get bigger. The initial trial is scheduled for November 3, 2025, and a second one is scheduled for February 2, 2026. They will be decided by a jury verdict, each in favor of the plaintiff or the defendant.

Filing Your Lawsuit for Hair Relaxer

If you used chemical hair relaxers for a long period of time and then developed cancer, fibroids, or a related health condition, you may be eligible to participate in the MDL class action lawsuit. Hair relaxer companies need to be held accountable for the damage they’ve caused and the lives they’ve shattered. Legal action is the best way to bring them to justice, as well as to secure the compensation you deserve for your suffering.

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