Paraquat lawsuit Eligibility, Requirements, and Qualifications

Paraquat Lawsuit Eligibility & Requirements (2024)

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Paraquat exposure has impacted and risked the lives of several groups because of the people who are using it and the people living nearby. Some of these groups include the following:

  1. Farmer And Farmworkers

    Agricultural workers like farmers who specifically manage and apply the herbicide paraquat over the fields as their job part are significantly at high exposure risk. These frameworks have direct involvement in mixing, applying, and spraying the paraquat herbicide throughout the farm. This, however, leads to direct exposure of skin, inhalation, and ingestion of fumes and toxins.

  2. Pesticide Applicators

    People who have jobs as pesticide sprayers or applicators in the landscape, agriculture, and even crops are at higher risk of exposure to paraquat herbicide because of their job tasks.

  3. Resident Living Near Farms

    Not only farmers or pesticides are at risk, but the people who live near the farm or landscape where paraquat is used may also have the risk of exposure. This can cause unwanted exposure through contact or inhalation with contaminated areas.

  4. Crop Inspectors And Laborers

    People like crop laborers and inspectors who are involved in inspection, labor, and management have higher chances of getting in contact with paraquat fields, increasing the chances of paraquat exposure.

  5. Custom Applicators

    People who offer custom pesticide or herbicide spraying services to multiple clients or farms may have a chance of frequent paraquat exposure.

  6. Workers In Non-Agricultural Settings

    Non-agricultural areas like industrial sites, roadways, and railways are also widely used for killing weeds. However, people living nearby or workers in charge of maintaining and applying toxic paraquat herbicide may have a chance of exposure to it.

  7. Children And Pets

    Not only workers but the pets and children playing near paraquat-treated areas also have greater chances of exposure due to their sensitive nature of health. Moreover, pets and children are more likely to contact the ground and floor as compared to adults, thus leading them to direct exposure to affected areas.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • The interval between exposure to paraquat and the development of symptoms can widely vary. However, some studies show that the symptoms of Parkinson's disorder start seeing after several years of exposure. Whereas, one can not ignore the sensitive factors like a person's sensitivity, genes, health concerns, and such other entities that can affect the period.

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