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Paraquat Lawsuit Updates & News | March 2024

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Update on 3rd August 2023 Paraquat lawsuit:

  1. The influx of new cases in the Paraquat class action MDL has significantly decreased. After averaging about 250 new cases monthly over the last two years, only 26 new cases were added in January, bringing the total to 5,077 pending cases.

  2. The Paraquat Multi-District Litigation (MDL) has recently observed a significant reduction in its case count. Key updates include:

    • Drop in Pending Cases: The MDL has seen a decrease of 21 cases over the past month.
    • Comparison to Past Trends: This reduction is notable given the MDL's history of averaging over 150 new cases per month for the last two years.
    • Possible Causes: The decrease is likely attributable to a combination of large groups of inactive cases being dismissed and a slowdown in the filing of new cases.
  3. The Paraquat Multi-District Litigation (MDL) has now exceeded 5,000 pending cases. However, the past month saw only 86 new cases added, marking the lowest monthly case volume in over two years. This trend of reduced case filings has been observed for the second consecutive month, indicating a notable decrease in the rate of new case submissions in the MDL.

  4. Contrary to the previous month's slower pace, the Paraquat class action Multi-District Litigation (MDL) has witnessed a substantial influx of over 200 new cases in the last 30 days. This increase significantly alters the recent trend, elevating the total count of pending cases to nearly 5,000. This recent development suggests that the earlier slowdown in new case filings may have been a temporary deviation rather than a long-term trend in the litigation.

  5. The Paraquat class action Multi-District Litigation (MDL) experienced an uncharacteristic decline in new cases this past month, with only 30 new filings, marking the lowest monthly influx since the inception of the MDL over two years prior. This comes after a consistent 18-month period during which the Paraquat MDL emerged as one of the most active, witnessing an average of 200-300 new cases monthly and a striking total of 1,000 cases in the recent two-month span alone. This abrupt decrease in new cases suggests the possibility that the litigation is entering a new stage, characterized by a decelerated pace of growth.

  6. What was anticipated to be a pivotal month for the Paraquat class action, highlighted by the commencement of the first bellwether test trial, has instead ushered in a period of uncertainty. The litigation's trajectory now seemingly hangs in the balance as Judge Rosenstengel deliberates on the resolution of Daubert challenges concerning expert opinion evidence. With all briefs submitted, the involved parties find themselves in a state of expectancy, awaiting her critical decision. Given the intricate and extensive nature of Daubert rulings in such complex cases, and with no new trial date on the horizon, there's a growing possibility that a conclusive ruling might not materialize until 2024.

  7. Currently, among 4 Bellwether cases, the first trial will be held in October 2023.

  8. Both the Defendants and Plaintiffs of the case are submitting documents of Daubert motions. It refers to a stage in legal proceedings where one party challenges the credibility or validity of an expert witness.

  9. Both parties are trying their hardest to strike each other's expert witness so they won't testify.

  10. However, at this point, defendants have a chance to claim Dismiss the Motions. Defendants can file a request that some Plaintiffs claim to dismiss entirely.

  11. Court has already set the date of hearing for this trial on the 21st of August, 2023.

  12. The Court has appointed an Executive Committee official for Plaintiffs, Chad Finely, who is working hard with other counsel of plaintiffs on these responses and motions.

In California, another four such paraquat lawsuits are currently set for trial, starting from January 2024.

Moreover, a bellwether case or trial represents a setting of the trial of a large Paraquat lawsuit group.

  • Purpose: The main aim of such a trial is to see how the judge and jury will react to submitted evidence and gatherings of both parties.
  • Outcomes: These cases, however, offer guidelines for both sides on the ways how to conduct and move forward in the whole lawsuit.
  • Vetting Process: The process of selecting cases is complex in order to find only filed-related cases.

The bellwether trials' results will not have a direct impact on the cases, but the evidentiary issues and judgment associated with experts will impact the overall ongoing lawsuit.

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  • The influx of new cases in the Paraquat class action MDL has significantly decreased. After averaging about 250 new cases monthly over the last two years, only 26 new cases were added in January, bringing the total to 5,077 pending cases.

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