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Roundup Lawsuit Settlements & Payouts March 2024

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Roundup, a commonly known herbicide used by both the general public and commercially, has been under scrutiny for many decades for both its environmental impact and the various health risks associated with its use. Developed by Monsanto and acquired by Bayer in 2018, Roundup has been linked to several serious illnesses, including several types of cancer and neurological disorders.

In the last several years, many efforts have been made by the public to draw public attention to the regulation of Roundup as well as seek compensation for the medical conditions suffered as a result of its use.

Has anyone received money from the roundup lawsuit?

Yes, many individuals have received compensation from Roundup lawsuit settlements. In fact, the roundup lawsuit total is currently in the billions and over 100,000 people have received compensation. These settlements have been reached through a combination of jury verdicts, negotiated agreements, and court-mediated resolutions.

The process of receiving money from Roundup lawsuit settlements typically involves several stages, including the filing of a claim, presentation of evidence, negotiation with Bayer AG's legal representatives, and final approval by the court overseeing the case. The timeline for receiving compensation can vary significantly depending on the specific circumstances of each case and the backlog of litigation in the court system.

Who is likely to receive a Roundup lawsuit settlement?

Several important factors are made when determining who is entitled to compensation. Arguably, the most important factor is that the plaintiff can prove that they had a prolonged and toxic level of exposure to Roundup. These will likely be individuals who worked in fields such as landscaping, groundskeeping, and horticulture, but may include individuals who live in agricultural communities or near Roundup production plants.

The next important factor is the level of proof available. If a plaintiff has a substantial amount of proof connecting their exposure to Roundup and their subsequent illnesses, compensation is much more likely. If the evidence presented is substantial and able to be verified, the amount awarded will often depend on how severe the illness is and the amount of damage endured as a result of exposure.

Roundup Lawsuit Settlement Amounts Per Person

There is a wide range regarding the Roundup lawsuit settlement amounts. Some individuals (including the very first individual to sue Monsanto) were awarded settlements in the millions, while others received a few thousand dollars for their illnesses. In addition to the wide range of roundup lawsuit settlement amounts, there have been over 100,000 Roundup settlements paid out with over 4,000 pending. As a result, it’s incredibly difficult to determine an accurate average that represents the settlements being paid out. However, we do know that in 2020, an $11 Billion settlement was paid out to claimants with an average of $150,000 each.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • The amount of compensation you can expect from a Roundup lawsuit varies considerably, as it depends on the specifics of your case, including the degree of harm suffered and the level of negligence involved. In the past, Roundup lawsuits have seen verdicts ranging from tens of millions to billions of dollars, highlighting the severity of the harm caused by Roundup and the substantial financial implications for Monsanto.

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