Tepezza Lawsuit: A Comprehensive Guide (2024)

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You had a thyroid eye disease. You tried to treat it. And now you have hearing loss.

If that sounds like your story, you’re not alone. You’re among potentially thousands of others who are considering or will consider filing a Tepezza lawsuit.

These lawsuits say the maker of Tepezza should have warned users about the risk of hearing loss and related problems like tinnitus — but didn’t.

If you’re struggling to hear after taking Tepezza, you may be entitled to compensation. That’s a fact.

But here’s another fact: You may struggle to hold the appropriate parties accountable on your own. These are major drug makers with deep pockets and teams of attorneys.

And that’s why so many people are teaming up with top attorneys for help filing their Tepezza lawsuits.

In this guide, the Consumer Shield team is going to walk you through everything you need to know to make an informed decision and decide your next steps.

Keep reading to learn everything you need to know. Or fill out the form to apply for a Tepezza lawsuit and get the legal help you need as quickly as possible.

Tepezza Lawsuit Updates

  1. Tepezza MDL Stagnates with No New Cases Last Month.

  2. Increase in Cases for Tepezza Hearing Loss MDL

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