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The Connection Between Xeljanz and Blood Clots (2024)

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It is important to know that regulatory authorities like the FDA have approved Xeljanz usage. Therefore, it led Pfizer to analyze Xeljanz’s constituents completely after its supply. According to their research, Xeljanz was the reason behind different cardiac issues among the users. Pfizer submitted their report to the FDA in the year 2019. The report also stated that if a person takes Xeljanz twice per day, it can lead to blood clot development among the people. After this submission, different pharmaceuticals became alert of drugs like Xeljanz.

The chances of holding such pharma companies accountable also increased at the same time. People need answers regarding Xeljanz, which is a drug to cure autoimmune problems but leads to cardiac problems and blood clot development because of prolonged exposure.

Therefore this lawsuit sheds light on the link between Xeljanz and blood clot development. Different medical and scientific evidence regarding this is required for legal proceedings.

  1. Blood Clot

    The investigation of the Xeljanz-blood clot lawsuit includes authentic and valid scientific research, medical evidence, and victim reports to see how exactly this drug leads to blood clot development among the victims.

Also, how this lawsuit can create an impact on the future of the pharma industry and drug providers, on the whole, will be a part of this discussion.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Cardiovascular problems, including strokes, blood clot development, and heart attacks, are rapidly occurring among the users of Xeljanz, which is why it is making more people concerned and alert about its usage. Such lawsuits are bringing the dark side of this drug into a spotlight for the people to make them more aware of saving themselves from this drug as much as they can.

  • Among all the health concerns, weight gain is not among the side effects of Xeljanz. It is also apparent due to the absence of weight gain allegations against Xeljanz. It means victims are not suffering from weight problems because of Xeljanz. However, it does not mean that if someone is noticing peculiar weight gain after using Xeljanz, then they don't have to file a lawsuit against Xeljanz. Victims can still raise their voices and help others with this issue as well.

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