Zofran: Birth Defects Lawsuit (2024)

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The possible connection between the usage of Zofran in pregnancy and birth defect development in infants raises a serious debate that has led to several studies and research.

However, to understand the complex nature of the connection between both Zofran and observed risk, let's dive into further details.

Emerging Studies And Findings

Several studies and research have investigated the possible connection between the use of Zofran and its observed effects on the health of newly born during pregnancy. However, some studies found that the usage may lead to birth defects in the child, like orofacial clefts or cardiac malformation.

Whereas some studies do find the connection but not consistently, which changes the whole perspective of the findings. Therefore, it still needs further investigation to find out more about their connection and potential risks.

Cardiac Anomalies And Orofacial Clefts

The use of Zofran during pregnancy develops several birth defects in infants. However, orofacial clefts and cardiac malformation are the two most seen birth defects.

Several scientific studies have shown that the use of Zofran increases the chances of cleft palate or conventional heart anomalies in the newly born baby.

Therefore, it is necessary to observe these discoveries with a more critical point of view and consider other factors and potential causes of changes.

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