3M Earplugs Lawsuit Symptoms, Side Effects, Injuries

3m Lawsuit: Hearing Loss (2024)

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The 3M Earplugs Lawsuit highlights the negative health impacts on military personnel. Due to this reason, nobody can ignore the importance of this lawsuit.

These earplugs were supposed to protect the hearing of the users in case of high-decibel bombing and shooting. Owing to the intentional negligence and criminal conduct of the 3M company, it impacts the military personnel negatively.

Following are the consequences that hundreds of military personnel had to go through because of using defective and poor-quality earplugs.

  1. Hearing Loss

    The supply of poor-quality earplugs to the military leads to hearing loss. It is a common auditory problem prevailing among hundreds of military personnel.

    The faulty earplugs did not provide sufficient protection from the combat bombings, on-field shootings, and high-decibel training sessions, which developed the chances of damaged hearing for the users.

    Also, the impaired hearing caused further complications for them in terms of real-time combat and concentrating on the target as well. There is no doubt that hearing loss greatly puts their life at risk at the same time.

  2. Tinnitus

    Tinnitus is also prevailing among some users. In this situation, a person starts to hear buzzing and peculiar sounds that don't exist around them. Due to this reason, they cannot focus on their tasks at hand.

    There are more chances of distractions which can be highly fatal for them at the same time. In the case of military combat and battles, this injury can completely divert the soldiers from their tasks and lead them to lose their lives as well.

  3. Quality of Life Implications

    The auditory injuries caused by these faulty earplugs can also raise challenges in the quality of life for the victims.

    They can get exposed to an irreversible emotional toll for the whole of their life. Sudden shock and trauma can leave these victims vulnerable to other emotional complications in the long run.

    Therefore, such trauma can also damage the quality of life for these victims as they might be completely unable to control and manage at all.

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