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While the gig economy provides cheap access to rideshare transport, its unregulated nature threatens consumers with numerous hazards – including sexual assault. Too often, predatory drivers target Uber and Lyft customers, committing various acts of sexual violence while encountering few consequences. These multibillion-dollar tech companies must face accountability for facilitating these attacks, failing to protect customers, and taking virtually no punitive action against serial offenders. If you have experienced rideshare sexual assault, you may have the opportunity to join countless women across the nation currently taking legal action.

In 2022, Uber admitted that within any given year, they receive thousands of sexual assault reports. These incidents ranged from unwanted touching and kissing to penetration and even kidnapping. Although less popular, Lyft released similar data – highlighting thousands of sexual assaults per year. Women were disproportionately targeted by these incidents, although there were also numerous male victims. It is also worth noting that both riders and drivers report sexual assaults in rideshare vehicles.

Although approaching a sexual assault lawsuit might feel daunting, you have access to plenty of help along the way. Consumer Shield offers education, guidance, and resources for anyone who wants to pursue this type of legal action. We’ll respectfully consult with you, evaluate your case free of charge, and connect you with a network of experienced legal professionals. With Consumer Shield at your side, you can take that crucial first step toward justice with confidence. In this article, we’ll explore the current status of class actions, the potential for compensation, and the pathway toward a successful rideshare lawsuit.

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